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The present urgency is to begin thinking within the context of the whole planet, the integral Earth community.

—Thomas Berry, The Great Work

We are an education, imagination, dialogue, and action center for an ecological age.

Our mission is to advance ecology and culture as the organizing principles of societies.

We do this by informing, inspiring, and encouraging people in the Great Work of co-creating the Ecozoic era.


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What is the reason for CES? They respect and honor spirituality, Earth, all of creation, and future generations. They act on the inspiring words of Thomas Berry. They tackle the environmental and societal challenges that are before us now and await us in the future. The Great Work of Herman Greene and CES provides us with vision, incentive, community, and practical ways to honor our sacred existence. What a great blessing indeed!

Catherine Browning, MA, DNP, PMHNP
Master’s Degree, Creation Spirituality Doctor of Nursing Practice Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner St. Charles, Missouri

I see CES as a multifaceted hub for those of us contributing to “The Great Work.” For me, it is especially a hub for our shared spirit. When we connect to CES with our hearts as well as our ideas and actions, we help inspire each other. We know we are not alone in this work. CES began with the heartfelt wisdom of Thomas Berry’s teachings. Herman Greene has expanded that heart to include all of us and has encouraged us to play a role in “The Great Work.” Whether we want to share excitement of our activities, seek insights for difficulties, be better informed of the status of ongoing projects, or any other related reason, when we click on the website CES we are affirming we are connected within the WE of a future being created by the legacy we leave there along with Thomas Berry’s.

Betty Luceigh, PhD
Lecturer in Organic Chemistry, UCLA (retired) 
Minister of Natural Theology 
Author of Is it Beautiful? A journey from Separation toward Unification