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CES Musings – July 2011

New Name

The Center for Ecozoic Studies is now the Center for Ecozoic Societies. The purpose of CES is to foster ecozoic societies; ecozoic studies is a means to that end.

New Mission Statement

CES’s mission is to advance new understandings and ways of living for an ecological age. We do this through publishing, education, art and action.



CES publishes an on-line magazine, CES Monthly Musings, containing muse, news and reviews of an ecological age, and a biannual print and on-line journal, The Ecozoic: Reflections on Life in an Ecological Age. CES also provides inspiration and ideas through a website, videos, mp3s, and social media, and potentially through “CES Press.

Courses and Conferences

CES will offer a variety of programs through the Ecozoic Institute to enable people to engage new ideas and enter into new ways of living for an ecological age.


The Heart of It All

  • Meaning of “Ecozoic”

“Ecozoic” means community of life. It refers to mutually enhancing relations among humans and the larger community of life in an ecological age. It also represents the promise of a new geo-biological era following the Cenozoic Era, the basic functioning of which is breaking down as a result of human decisions and activities.


  • Premise for the Work of CES

The premise for the work of CES is that we are in the midst of two great transitions: (i) a geo-biological change from the terminal Cenozoic Era to an emerging Ecozoic Era, and (ii) a historical change from industrial-economic societies to ecological-cultural societies. This premise creates a need to analyze these transitions, advance paradigms for new modes of human presence on Earth, support people in their journeys to the ecozoic, and take action to realize ecozoic societies.


  • Collaboration

CES is primarily a volunteer organization. The key to its work is bringing together people who share in its values and wish to further its mission. CES offers a variety of ways of collaborating, including submitting articles for our publications, sharing art, videos and mp3s on our website, proposing and conducting courses through the Ecozoic Institute, and proposing and assisting in conferences and other events. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.