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The Next Four Years Will Be a Difficult Challenge for the Nation and the World

The election of Donald Trump is very puzzling and troubling, both nationally and internationally. His failings as a leader, businessman, husband and person are legion. He has never held elective office, has never served in the armed service, is contemptuous of the law and international treaties, insults anyone who disagrees with him, and is ill- and short-tempered. He speaks with the eloquence of a fifth-grader and his temperament is that of a school-yard bully. Facts appear to be irrelevant as he frequently and consistently makes statements and claims that are blatantly untrue.

During the election campaign, Trump vowed to rescind Obamacare, which would leave millions of Americans without health insurance. He threatened to withdraw from the NATO Alliance, which would leave Eastern European nations at the mercy of the Soviet Union. Trump has even expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin and is apparently unable or unwilling to comprehend the efforts of Putin to reconstruct the Soviet Empire.

A German friend made the following startling observation: there is an uncanny similarity in the methods used by the Nazis and Donald Trump to use the technology of mass communication to gain power. Hitler used the radio (new at the time) to mesmerize Germans; Trump has used Reality TV and conservative talk shows in similar fashion to seduce the American public.

He claims that global warming is a hoax and promises to withdraw from the recently enacted Paris Agreement on Climate Change. His nomination of a prominent climate change nay-sayer reinforces his commitment to honor his campaign promise regarding the environment. The planet cannot tolerate this irresponsible contempt of environmental science and increasing crescendo of extreme weather events!

In short, Trump is a megalomaniac who is unfit to be President, no less leader of the Free World! The next four years will be a difficult challenge for the nation and the world!