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Don Smith*

5.0 out of 5 stars Personal and Profound

I discovered the work of Brian Thomas Swimme about fifteen years ago. My wife and I were privileged to meet Brian and his wife, Denise, during a weekend workshop in 2012. Brian was both shocked and delighted that we talked about Denise and her life/work as much as we did about him!

It wasn’t until I read Cosmogenesis that I realized what a tortured soul Brian was. Something inside him “knew” the correct path but “real life” kept providing obstacles and sidetracks. Fortunately, Brian fought off his demons, with the help of his wife Denise and his long-time friend Bruce Bochte, blazed his own way into the wisdom stream of Thomas Berry, and the rest is history!

The personal touch of the stories in Cosmogenesis made the book for me. It grounded Brian’s soaring and explosive enthusiasm for the Universe Story (and its meaning for us) in the everyday trials we all have to face. The profound ideas are made personal in a manner that really assists in getting his ideas across.

Brian doesn’t have all the answers. As a disciple of Thomas Berry he has attempted to popularize Thomas’s ideas and now, with this book, he has also personalized his connection to those ideas.

Brian should be proud that he, Denise, and Bruce have contributed so profoundly to, as Thomas Berry would phrase it, “the Great Work for our time.”

Highly recommended.

* Don Smith was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and graduated with a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1978. He worked for twenty-one years in the oil and gas business in Calgary, Alberta. Back then, we thought we were doing the community a public good by providing natural gas to heat their home and gasoline to fuel their cars! He discovered Matthew Fox and Creation Spirituality in the early 21st century but really became a fan of Thomas Berry through the work of Brian Swimme around 2008. He has led workshops on Evolutionary Cosmology at a local church. Thomas’s Great Work inspires all his thinking these days.