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The New Ecozoic Reader: A Place for Ecozoans to Come to Share

Herman Greene

In this next phase of CES’s work, we commit to serving ecozoans by

  • Being a place where ecozoans come to share,
  • Being a source of wisdom and information for ecozoans, and
  • Engaging in collaborative action with ecozoans.

The New Ecozoic Reader is a key aspect of our offering a place for ecozoans to come to share. The other places we presently will provide are opportunities to post blogs on CES’s new website (which is in process), and ecozoic conversation circles. We will write about these circles later.

This is The New Ecozoic Reader (NER) because we earlier published a print version of The Ecozoic Reader from 2000 to 2007. NER will be published online and is a successor to our prior online magazine, The Ecozoic Review. We determined that Reader was more inviting to potential contributors and more appealing to our constituents than Review. We also thought Review carried the connotation that our online publication was academic or scholarly. NER will publish thought-provoking articles but it is not an academic-type publication.

We invite our readers to submit articles related to the Great Work for publication in NER. These articles may be prose or poetry or art or music. They may be fiction or non¬fiction, reports on others or personal accounts. Here are some of the types of articles that will be published in NER:

  • The state of our planet
  • Steps to the Ecozoic made by you or others, large or small
  • Ideas and practices for ecozoic living or consciousness
  • Book, movie, and other reviews
  • Reports on activities and accomplishments of ecozoic groups and individuals
  • Announcements of events
  • Ecozoic poetry, art, music
  • References to significant reports, videos, and other media
  • Stories of human-Earth relations and ecozoic values
  • Stories of reciprocity large or small
  • Dreams, visions, and premonitions
  • Analyses of current events and policies
  • Policy proposals and other ideas for reform

. . . and, in general, anything that will enable ecozoans to live well with Earth and all her

You may make submissions by emailing them to ecozoic.studies@gmail.com in Word format or a form that is convertible into Word. When you submit an item to CES for publication, whether or not it is accepted for publication, you grant to CES a nonexclusive worldwide license, without the right to sublicense, to your work, and, in addition, unless restricted by you, to the extent not covered by the foregoing, you grant CES, with rights to sublicense, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 and CES will inform its readers that they may copy and redistribute the item subject to the terms of such Creative Commons License. More detailed guidelines including copyright matters are available here.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash