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Herman Greene, President

Herman Greene is the founder and president of CES. He is Thomas Berry Scholar-in-Residence of the Earth Law Center and is co-author and co-editor of the legal textbook Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law—A Guide for Practitioners. He serves on the Governing Board of  the International Process Network. He is a retired business lawyer and holds graduate degrees in law (University of North Carolina-JD), theology (University of Chicago-MTh & MDiv, and United Theological Seminary-DMin), and political science (Stanford University-MA). 


 Laura Baldwin,  Treasurer 

Laura Baldwin was the owner and manager of Garden in the Koop, Inc., which produced the “Incredible Edible Garden in a Box,” and a line of children’s books, including Harry Loves Carrots, in which a lovable dog Harry promoted healthy eating and relationships with nature. She was also the proprietor of Gardens by Laura, Inc., a green landscaping business. She received her BA from University of California, Berkeley ,and her MBA from California State University.  


Sandi Greene,  Administrator

Sandi Greene has managed the administrative services of CES from its beginning. For over 20 years she served as administrator of Carolina Seminars, an interdisciplinary faculty seminar program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Earlier she served on the staff of Congressman Ike Andrews. She has a life-long interest in and relationship with animals and currently provides dog walking and training services. She received her BA in History from East Carolina University.


Tony Zelle, Chair

Tony Zelle is the General Counsel of the Earth Law Center. He is the lead editor and co-author of the legal textbook Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law-A Guide for Practitioners. He began his Earth law career after thirty years in private practice where he focused on consumer protection and insurance laws. In his current position he works on rights of nature, rights of future generations, duties of humankind to nonhuman species and individual animals, the development of future Earth leaders, Earth law education, and the engagement of private practice law firms in Earth law. He received his BA  in Humanities from the University of Minnesota, and his JD in law from Boston College.

 Glenn Astolfi, Director

 Glenn Astolfi, Director

Glenn Astolfi is CEO and President of Atmospheric Plasma Solutions, Inc., a company located in Cary, North Carolina, that manufactures atmospheric plasma coating removal systems. Earlier he led a staff of 153 people as CEO and President of Gateway Bank Mortgage, a residential mortgage lender operating in seven states with origination volume in excess of $1 billion annually. He has held executive positions in the online, travel and retail industries, including at Barnes and Noble Superstores and Travelocity.com, and he was founder and Chief Operating Officer of TravelFest Superstores. Glenn received a BS in Finance from Florida State University and an MBA from the University of Texas.

Charles Coble, Director

Charles Coble, Director

Charles Coble wasProfessor of Science Education  and later Dean of the School of Education at East Carolina University. He then served as Vice President for University School Programs for the 17-campus University of North Carolina System, Vice President for Policy Studies and Programs for the Education Commission of the States in Denver, Colorado, and Co-Director of the Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative with APLU in Washington, DC. He has led higher education change initiatives in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Germany, and Egypt.  He has authored or co-authored ten books and numerous book chapters and articles. He received his BS in Botany from Mars Hill College and his MS in Science Education and EdD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

 Laurie Cone, Director

 Laurie Cone, Director

After three life/career stages of essentially ten years each working as an environmental chemist, staying home with her two sons, and teaching high school environmental science, Laurie quit her job, sold her house, and moved to an intentional community in central North Carolina to homestead with her octogenarian mom to try and live like we have just one planet. She has been deeply influenced by numerous visits with a community in Cuba, particularly by their generosity, resourcefulness, creativity, and ability, by necessity, to live simply. She received a BA in Chemistry and German from the University of Kansas, and her MS in Environmental Science and Engineering from UNC-Chapel Hill.


 Jim Peacock – Director 

 Kenan Professor emeritus of Anthropology and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has served as Co-Director, Duke-UNC Rotary Center on Peace and Conflict, Chair of the Board of Worldview, President of the American Anthropological Association, and Director of the University Center for International Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Science. He is the author of The Anthropological Lens: Harsh Light, Soft FocusGrounded Globalism: How the U.S. South Embraces the World, and Identity Matters: Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict (co-authored with Patrick Inman and Patricia Thornton, 2007), and numerous book chapters and articles. He received his BA in Psychology from Duke University and his PhD in Social Anthropology from Harvard University. He did his field work in Indonesia and Appalachia.