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Journal on “The Ecozoic Way: The Foundational Papers of CES”

The Ecozoic Journal 5 (2018) on “The Ecozoic Way: The Foundational Papers of the Center for Ecozoic Studies” is now available for purchase.

This issue, a result of thousands of hours of work, is a compilation of the key ideas CES has worked with over the last 20 years. Readers of the journal say that it has deepened their understanding of Thomas Berry’s work and how to apply it.

The journal is divided into the following sections with the number of items indicated in each section:

  • Foundational Statements (10)
  • Foundational Essays (7)
  • Key Essays (10)
  • Key Documents (10)
  • Foundational Books (6)
  • Key Books (20)

The journal contains an extended review of each Foundational Book and each Key Book.

To see a copy of the Table of Contents, click here.