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We All Participate in the Mysterious Journey of Life—Even a Leaf . . .

Thanks to Sharman Noguchi for referring to us this beautiful video presentation of

Even a Leaf . . . a book about the gift of life

by Shelly Hehenberger, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina, author, artist, and illustrator.

Ms. Hehenberger introduces her book by writing,

We all participate in the mysterious journey of life. We ask ourselves the questions “who are we?” and “why are we here?” as we spend our lives seeking, growing, discovering, and learning. In this book, the idea of that journey is presented to us in poetic terms, through the seasons of a leaf. The leaf sprouts, spreads its face to the sun and the rain, surrenders to the winds of fall, and naturally gives itself to the Earth and the next leaf. A leaf lives, and then lets go, and we know that a leaf should indeed come and go and come again. This story provides us with a lesson in acceptance and a way to see life as a gift and a celebration. Whether you receive the story at its humblest level or as an allegory for all of life, I offer to you the simple and beautiful notion that all life is made from everything that has lived, and each life goes to make others in this grand drama called Nature.

You may view a video of the book here.

The book is available at https://shellyhehenberger-artbooks.com/ and on Amazon.