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CES Musings August 2011



CES’s New Logo and Motto

Publications of the Center for Ecozoic Societies

The Age of Austerity



World’s First Ecozoic Cuisine Website

Death of Lou Niznik – Chronicler of the Ecozoic

Death of Peter Berg–Father of Bioregionalism

Keystone XL Pipeline, Consequences, Mass Protests and Arrests

Climate Change Causes Migrations

Increase in China’s Energy Consumption

The Internet of Things

Japan Cancels New Nuclear Plants

Germany, Following Italy, to Close Down Nuclear Plants

Evolution and Meat

FAO Changes Policy to Embrace Sustainable Agriculture

Volcanic Ash Slows Global Warming

Matthew Fox on “The Other Side of the Catholic Tradition

Ordination of Catholic Women Sought



Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker: Journey of the Universe (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2011)

Rose Anne Sands, Nature’s Spirit Messages (Spruce Pine, NC: Rose Ann Sands, 2011)