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CES Musings – January 2013

2013, twelve years after we began publishing, we begin anew with the next stage of CES Monthly Musings. We of CES have had to ask ourselves what we can contribute that will be beneficial when there are now so many other email newsletters and blogs covering all aspects of environmental awareness and sustainability. We have also had to ask how we should locate ourselves in relation to Thomas Berry, whose work has been so central to our own over the years.

Without going into all the background of the decisions we have made, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to providing philosophical background to the transition to the ecozoic. We will do this by covering key principles of various writers and peoples that we believe lay the foundation for ecozoic ways of living. Further, taking the prophetic stance that in the larger arc of history we are moving from economic-industrial societies to ecological-cultural societies, we will chronicle that transition.

Alice Loyd, formerly Executive Director of North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light, and a long-time Board member and officer of CES, has become the Co-Editor of this online magazine.

We invite your contributions. Contact Alice Loyd or Herman Greene at ecozoic.societies@gmail.com.

• “Call for Ecozoic Societies,” (a Foundational Paper of CES) by Herman Greene
• “Bringing Climate Forward in Conversation,” by Alice Loyd