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CES Musings – September-October 2013

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The Chronicle (September-October 2013) From Alice Loyd

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report Summary; Climate Panel’s

Fifth Report Clarifies Humanity’s Choices; Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming; What

95% Certainty of Warming means to Scientists; Politics Is Poorly Suited to Address Global

Warming; We Need Climate Change Risk Assessment; Anger Can Be Power; New Confederacy;

Tea Party and Business; Split on Religion; When Wealth Disappears; Soundtrack for a Debt

Showdown—In the Red, Got No Green and I’m Feeling So Blue; On Death, Taxes, and

Temperatures; Health Impacts on the Poor of Polarization; and Timing of Climate Change


Passage of Brother Conrad Federspiel, C.P. (1924-2013), by Tom Keevey

Prayer for the Grace to Age Well, by Teilhard de Chardin (found among Brother Conrad’s possessions)


Horticulture and Human Culture, by D. Paul Schafer

Report on Peter London Workshop: “Artists Are Not Illustrators, Rather Art Is a Work of Relationship,” by Alice Loyd


Barbara Marx Hubbard, Public Lecture and Workshop—February 7-8, 2014, United Church of Chapel Hill

Colloquium on the work of Thomas Berry: Development, Difference, Importance, Applications – May 28-30, 2014, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Conference on Thomas Berry’s Great Work Now – May 30-June 1, 2014, Camp New Hope


Publication of The Ecozoic on “What Is Ecozoic?” – November 2013

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