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Become a Member, Make a Donation, Volunteer

Your support of CES through becoming a member or making a donation is important. Benefits of membership include a subscription to our print publication, The Ecozoic, and discounts to CES events. Membership is on a calendar year basis. Memberships received after November 1 of a calendar year count as membership for the following calendar year.
You may become a member at https://ecozoicstudies.org/membership/. Or, you may send a letter to CES at 2516 Winningham Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516, USA, with your contact information (name, address, email and phone) and dues. Dues for regular membership is US$35 (individual or family). You may become a sustaining member of CES for US$135 each year or by paying $5 or more monthly through an automatic payment service. Alternately you may become a member (and pay by credit card or PayPal) by contacting us at ecozoic.societies@gmail.com. CES also accepts members who pay lesser dues or no dues.