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Part I

Mama left us
girl eggs
with instructions:

Paddle your way
across the sand
to the sea.

I did that, mama!

Swim out
as far as you can,
as fast as you can.
Farther. Faster.
Slip away
from the ones
that try to hurt you.

I did that, mama!

When you have eggs,
come back to that sand,
lay your eggs,
pass on the instructions.

…..I saw so much, mama;
too much!

I don’t have eggs,
but I want to come back home.

I want to come back home,
and I don’t know which way is home.

Which way is home, mama?

Part II

You’re one of us,
little one.
Come along
with us:

Swim toward
the warmer water,
cross into
the warm current,
snuggle into
a seaweed raft
and rest.

We’re going on
a journey,
a journey to the sand
where you were born,
where we were born.

be strong when
you get there.
have eggs when
you get there.

In your nest,
home was the sand.
For now,
home is  the journey together.