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It Is Time to Gather Together

Donald Trump as our next president! I think I woke up the day after the election in an alternate universe! I keep on hoping tomorrow it will be different, but no, this is the reality we live in now. My biggest fear is for Earth. Even without Trump, so much is endangered, so much is destroyed, or slated for destruction. But now? I really can’t imagine. Voters elected a president and filled the House and Senate with people who don’t believe in climate change, or don’t believe our actions have any impact on it. Meanwhile, Native Americans and many others, including veterans, fight to protect sacred ground and clean water. Indeed, the Water Wars have begun in earnest.

I believe it is time to gather together in person, in the places where we live, to create ceremonies and rituals designed to strengthen our spirits, enhance our collective power, and vanquish those who would destroy all that is beautiful and full of life for greed and profit. I know many in the so-called “new age” don’t believe in evil, rather they see the light and the dark. I disagree. Light and dark are both good and necessary. Neither are evil. But evil does exist. It is real, and we are undeniably being forced to face it head on. We are entering a time of apocalypse.