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Video Replay Available of Webcast with Mary Evelyn Tucker on “Living Cosmology: Dwelling within the Journey of the Universe”

We are living in a time of immense challenge on every front—socially, politically, ecologically, and spiritually. As Thomas Berry suggested, we need a new story to reorient and ground ourselves to meet these challenges. Mary Evelyn Tucker tells such a story—an epic of evolution—that has the potential to bring together the best of modern science and the humanities, including religion, spirituality, and philosophy. This more unified perspective can give us a sense of where we have come from and how we belong. Indeed, a comprehensive story of Universe, Earth, and humans will inspire the Great Work of transformation in our times. Tucker invites us to participate in the creative flourishing of the Earth community. Father Richard Rohr will offer a brief introduction and closing comments.

The live webcast occurred on August 25, 2016. The video replay of the 90-minute webcast is available to watch at any time through November 7, 2016. Go to https://cac.org/living-cosmology/.