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Creativity as Antidote

Poem by Betty Luceigh

I am whirling within my own confusions,
wild ideas exploding around a wild analogy
of Creativity in the role of Antidote,
two unrelated words now relating in my brain,
perhaps from neocortical proximity of dendrites,
or neurons co-firing in search of an overlay,
driven by self-similarity in their own motifs.

Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash

Perhaps my sense of confusion is Creativity itself,
stirring unrecognized within the mystery
of its secret rules of self-organization
shaping an Antidote to my perplexity,
mapping the answer at its birthing site
as a novel aggregate of synaptic connections
until ready at last
to cross the threshold of emergence
as a new awareness flowing into consciousness.

I chose Creativity to customize my brain
for self-recognition of my own neural restrictions
and to counteract the limitations on an awareness
that is inherently, persistently, impelled to grow.