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Further Information on Eco-Zoic Wisdom Circles

With Deep Time Spiritual Direction

Di Shearer

In a small group (min 3, max 6), we will share insights into

  • where we have come from,
  • how we are applying a deep time and eco-zoic perspective to our everyday lives and
  • what intentions we are setting for a future within our fragile economic, ecological, and ethical contexts.

Origins and Upbringing:

  • It is important in these days to articulate the beliefs, practices, and rituals that in some way defined us in our upbringing and from which we have found a need to vary our stance. Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, we seek to affirm the good, the true, and the beautiful in this upbringing. We recognise the roots and the nourishment of these earlier days and stretch beyond them to what the rising context requires of us.

Applying a deep time perspective to our everyday lives:

  • As we explore the multitude of offerings within health and wellbeing circles as well as sustainability and resilience movements, we discover practices that bring wholeness and peace to our lives and to our communities. Sharing these with others in the group enables us to refine our daily spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical ways of being and become better equipped to live with ourselves and interrelate with others.

Intentions for the future:

  • From the group sharing we are encouraged to set our personal goals and intentions for defined periods ahead of us, whether these be changing life stages, transitions or short-term periods of review or retreat. The integration of economic, ecological, and ethical principles will be valued together with a wisdom perspective that is based in a spirituality of wholeness. We will attend to our allurements as well as recognizing any cataclysms that occur in our journeying.

Zoom sessions of 60-minutes duration will be held every two weeks over three months for each session in a series. Participants may elect to stay with the group for more than one session.

Also available: Deep Time Spiritual Direction:

Deep Time Spiritual Direction on a 1-1 basis is available. In general, the spiritual direction conversations are held over a full calendar year on a monthly basis, then reviewed for continuance or cessation.

You are invited to contact Dr Di Shearer, dishearer@icloud.com to discuss your interest in involvement in an Eco-zoic Wisdom Circle or Deep Time Spiritual Direction.