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A Simple World

Stefano is a long-time member of CES. He has written an ecozoic novel and is looking for a publisher. He teaches the ecozoic and carries the ecozoic vision. He is a singer and here is one of his recent songs.


A cat under the ficus, the other next,
the sun reverberating in the balcony,
she who reads by my side, two armchairs
and two lives nearby. Here is the enchantment
of a simple world. But I don’t boast
to be part of it (I take the opportunity
to thank all the people
who built it). And that’s it.

“This is how much?” You say, “but it’s little!”
and you will think “Who can blame us?”

“Where’s the nerve?” You say, “where’s the fire?”
But I feel that it’s there, ready to shoot,
willing to revive a dull day.
Have you ever seen a cat sleep?

Cats grow, life advances,
autumn accompanies us gently
for our fireplace, and the present
he throws himself on the future in a dance
which cancels the distance with its rhythm
between the road left and the imminent
new path. Nothing is needed anymore
when the light furnishes my room.

Everything else is more, no appeal
should distraction occur

from the simple world we possess:
the book in hand, the sun, the bare foot …
The cat is still sleeping but, be careful,
he is always ready to leap back.

Gerardo Rodriguez Val

* * * * *

Stefano Panzarasa
Published on Jun 13, 2019
Gerardo Rodriguez Val: text and cover
Stefano Panzarasa: music, guitar and voice
Roberto D’Ambrosio: arrangement and instrumentation
Mariagrazia Pelaia: choir

The song is a tribute to “Lucky Man” – The Verve