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Call for Stories—2019 Ecozoic Journal on “The Living Legacy of Thomas Berry: Stories from the Great Work”

Please send us your stories of how you are living the legacy of Thomas Berry. We will publish these stories in in the 2019 issue of the Ecozoic Journal, which will be on “The Living Legacy of Thomas Berry: Stories from the Great Work.” Submissions are due by the end of August (August 31, 2019), though we will probably give some leeway to those who miss this deadline. In general stories should not exceed 2000 words, about four, single-spaced typewritten pages, but we will be flexible.

The format for the 2019 issue of the journal will be similar to the “Tribute to Thomas Berry” issue published in 2009. In that issue we published tributes to Thomas written by 151 people. The difference is that the 2019 journal will be stories of how Berry’s legacy is being lived, rather than tributes. CES will work with the Thomas Berry Foundation in collecting and publishing these stories. Along the way we will also work to update the list of “Engaged Thomas Berry Legacy Projects” that appears on the www.thomasberry.orgwebsite.

So what kind of stories should these be? In a formal sense, through your stories we will be documenting that Thomas Berry’s legacy is a living legacy . . . and, moreover, it is a flourishing living legacy. We thought about asking you for articles on how Thomas’s legacy is continuing; then we realized that the best way to present his legacy was to publish stories of how his work has influenced people, given form to their lives and organizations, and provided benefits to people and Earth. Probably the best stories will not be reports as such, but rather vignettes on how, as a result of your work, something surprising happened, lives were changed, or healing occurred.

We don’t want to be too specific about the types of stories because we, also, want to be surprised by your stories. We want stories that will inspire and guide others. We want stories from and for the Great Work.

Please send your stories to Herman Greene at ecozoic.studies@gmail.com. Also send a photo of yourself and a short bio. If you have questions send them to the same address.