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This New Ecozoic Review

This is our first issue of The Ecozoic Review (ER). Like our prior online magazine or ezine, CES Musings, this will be a bi-monthly publication. We are publishing this September-October 2017 issue late in October. We will aim to publish our November-December 2017 issue by early December; and beginning with our January-February 2018 issue we will aim to publish each issue early in the first month of the bi-monthly issues.

For 50 years I have been reading The New York Review of Books­—some consider it to be the leading intellectual journal in the United States. Most of its articles are book reviews, but not of individual books. The reviews are usually of several books related to a common topic. The reviewer writes an essay on the issues raised in the books and how they were dealt with. Sometimes the reviewer also criticizes the books. I have been exposed to so much history in reading these reviews and have gained insight into so many topics. Sometimes the articles cover ecological topics, but this is not a consistent theme.

I have a dream of publishing the New York Review of Books of the ecozoic. There is so much to be written about and reviewed on the transition we are in from the terminal Cenozoic era to the promise of an Ecozoic era. We will be sending out a guidelines for submitting articles to ER very soon. We would like to publish works of many authors, poets, and artists.

ER will have a different format than CES Musings. Our recent Musings have been around 50 pages and article have been from short to quite long. The article length in ER will generally be 1-3 pages. People may submit longer pieces, but we generally will ask that they give a summary of two pages or less. At the end of the summary we will put a link to the full article for those that are interested. See how this is done in the review of Defiant Earth in this issue. On the other hand, sometime we will waive the page limit. See, for example, the report on the Sustainability & Spirituality Conference in this issue. We may adjust our format in the future, but this is how we will start.

The purpose of ER is to provide our readers articles that provide short updates on what is happening in this transition—“need to know” information for ecozoans—and also “inspiration” and “support” for ecozoans.

Here are topic areas we want to cover in ER

  • Reviews of books, plays, events, etc.
  • Musings, including essays, insights, photographs, videos, poems, art, etc.
  • Commentaries and reflections on current news
  • Reports on communities of ecozoic practice
  • Announcements of ecozoic events

Submit your articles, poems, etc. to ecozoic.societies@gmail.com.