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The Anthropocene Transition Project – University of Technology Sydney Business School

It is not lost on business schools that the Anthropocene proposes a radically different challenge to business. Few have, however, taken on looking the challenge in the face and recognizing that human activity is outstripping the biosphere’s capacity to function as it did during the Holocene.  The University of Technology Sydney Business School did just that in hosting the Anthropocene Transition Project in 2017. Under the leadership of George McLeod and Suzanne Bunn the project continues. See Age of Transition.

The Anthropocene Transition Project understood that merely decreasing un-sustainability was not enough. There was a need to look beyond this:

Mitigating our dangerous disruption of the biosphere and adapting to the profound mutations we have already built into the Earth System are now urgent priorities for all humanity. But what we could call ‘Anthropocene thinking’ looks beyond mitigation and adaptation to consider the transformation of the globally dominant but seriously dysfunctional ‘advanced’ human cultures. This is the central task humanity must accomplish in the Anthropocene Transition. It is a transition away from professional and social practices and their underpinning cultural values that are fundamentally at odds with the continuing viability of our species and many others as well.

The project developed an insightful graphic to show the four domains of shaping a viable future in the Anthropocene