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The Universe Story Calendar Initiative

The way out is the invention of new, life-enhancing cultures. This amounts to a reinvention of the symbols that orient us to the powers in space and time. We have exploded beyond the fossilized knowledge of The Gregorian Calendar.
—Brian Thomas Swimme
From Foreword to The Universe Story Calendar Book

The Universe Story Calendar (TUSC) Initiative introduced a new calendar for the entire human family in 2017 CE to transcend, include, and update the Gregorian calendar of 1582 CE. The Universe Story Calendar includes an Earthday each week on the former Tuesday and tells the New Story through the renamed twelve months of the year. Tuesday in the Gregorian calendar celebrates Tiw, the Germanic God of War. March celebrates Mars, the Roman God of War.  March was the first month in the Roman calendar and hence September was the seventh month, October, the eighth month, November the ninth month, and December the tenth month. There are many such ill-considered vestiges of prior calendars carried over in the Gregorian calendar.

The Universe Story Calendar is potentially one part of our new, life-enhancing cultures.” Calendars have been with us for thousands of years, yet until the 20thcentury we did not have the New Story of the Universe disclosed by empirical science and developed in the humanities. A fresh, deep historical peering intothe Gregorian calendar and how it is grounded in an old cosmology and Western culture calls for a new calendar.

The TUSC Initiative has the goal of tying into our current human situation through the New Story as well as through a deep connection with the United Nations. The United Nations has designated days throughout a calendar year to celebrate and honor various people, movements and historical events. Many of those dates are included in the University Story Calendar. Some examples are International Women’s Day, International Earth Day, World Oceans Day and World Food Day.

The Universe Story Calendar Initiative began on Universeday, NationScience 9, 2017 CE, the first day (Berryan Date #0, Gregorian calendar date November 9, 2017—Thomas Berry’s birthday) of The Universe Story Calendar and the 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story book published in the Gregorian calendar year of 1992.

Thomas Spiritbringer is initiator, learner, and teacher of TUSC Initiative.

For 2019 CE & 2020 CE TUSCalendars and presentations, email Thomas Spiritbringer at ourearthguy@gmail.com. For more information on Earthday Weekly and blog, go towww.TheUniverseStoryCalendar.org.