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The New Ecozoic Reader: Critical Reflections, Stories, Dream Experiences & Practices for an Ecological Age is a free online magazine published by CES. 

Number 2, March-August 2021

Articles In This Issue

Creating the Ecozoic Era

What should we do? This is the troublesome question that is asked when one delivers a talk on the state of the planet. One is left to sputter: “Do anything, do anything at all” or “Stop biodiversity loss . . . convert the world to 100% clean renewable energy . . . end pollution” or some such thing.
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Recent Books by Ecozoans

• Meg Lowman, The Arbornaut: A Life Discovering the Eighth Continent in the Trees above Us (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2021) • Stefano Panzarasa, Terraluna: A Second Chance—Dream, Love, Adventure, Ecotopia (Caivano-Napoli, Italy: LFA Publisher, 2021 • Robertson Work, Society, Spirit, and Self: Essays on the One Dance (Swannanoa, NC: Compassionate Civilization Press, 2021)
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Green Tongues Tasting Sunlight

Within a second after the Big Bang, subatomic matter was birthed. Protons and neutrons travelled through space with the inherent desire to join each other in the expression of their mutual existence. When they did so, new forms were created. Diversity began. After billions of years of evolution, I am but one of multitudes born out of those initial encounters.
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