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Ecozoans are a small but important group within the human community. 

They are people who 

  • are lovers of life . . . of all kinds of life. 
  • sentipiensan (feel-think) with Earth community 
  • seek the wisdom of the lifeworld. 

Vermont bioregionalist Gary Smith observes that

  • Ecozoans choose to model “living into” a continual reframing of societies, toward more healthful, respectful, and deepening relationships among our human societies and the living fabric of life that is Earth. 
  • Choosing to live at the ever-changing edge of this relationship, ecozoans commit to participatory evolution of human societies including the structures and enterprises necessary for our collective success, in a manner that promotes and makes manifest mutual “thrivance” with the entire tapestry of life!

Our constituents are ecozoans—whether they identify as such or not—who are living
into the Ecozoic era by doing the Great Work. Our work is to serve them by

  • Offering a place to share
  • Being a source of information and wisdom
  • Providing nurture and support, and
  • Enabling effective action