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The New Ecozoic Reader: Critical Reflections, Stories, Dream Experiences & Practices for an Ecological Age is a free online magazine published by CES. 

Number 4, January-May 2022

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Living in Transapocalyptic Times

Talks on the environment often tell the story of decline in the health of the biosphere and of more trouble to come. I have given such talks, and in the Q&A period following the talks, almost always someone asks, “Do you have hope?”  Until recently, I dismissed this question because it seemed beside the point—whether I had hope or not wouldn’t change the situation one way or another. If I did respond I would do so by asking, “Does that really matter? Do you have hope?”
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Knowing Earth as a Living Being

I met Thomas Berry for the first time in the 1980s at a conference at the Chinook Learning Community on Whidbey Island in Washington State (now the Whidbey Institute). It was my first trip outside of New England and I had just started publishing my newsletter, Catalyst, which focused on community-based economics. My passion ultimately took me deeper into what I called Gaian Economics, and meeting Thomas played a key role in the evolution of my work.
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The Rights of Nature

The biggest threat Gaia faces today is the seemingly unlimited power of corporations. Literally every challenge we face—from addressing and mitigating climate change to the degradation of ecosystems, and overdevelopment resulting in losses of open space, agricultural land, and forests—is connected to corporations that have more money and legal power than citizens.
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A Convenient Truth

The other day I went for a walk with a friend in my town of fifty in Montana. “I’ve got to be back in an hour,” she said. “I’ve got bread rising.” That simple comment struck me. Time. How different it is when measured by the rising of bread. Organic time. When the soil is ready for planting or when it is time to harvest. Calving time. Sheep shearing time.
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Invitation To Seedbearers

Based on a combination of Thomas’s vision for the reinvention of the human presence on the Earth for a mutually enhancing relationship with other life forms and life systems and my Uncle Jim Berry’s circulars from the Center for Reflection on the Second Law (of Thermodynamics), I for the past decade have led a study group called “Seedbearers: Living between the No Longer and the Not Yet.”
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Ecozoic Studies

The key question for CES for the five-year period that began in 2021 is “How are we—especially we of the Global North—to live well with Earth and all her beings so as to bring about a principled transition to an ecological age?” To respond to this question, we (especially we of the Global North) need to learn to live artfully and skillfully within Earth Community.
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